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 Light Language Activations

Welcome to the Language of Light Activation Library!

What is Light Language?

Light is what we are created from and into Light we will go when we are finished within this Dimension. The First sound that God made was OM; Light is the sacred code of the Divine Source Creator. Every Being of Light speaks the Language of Light within their own unique expressions of it. Because we are in a dense reality/stimulation we are the only Beings within our Milky Way Galaxy and beyond that do not "naturally" speak the Language of the Stars but this will begin to change soon! On Earth, we express our Light in different ways, through our voice/tone and through our energy body. Part of the upgrades happening this year is the attunement of the voice and switching on our "Star Tongue".

It has been a while since I have wanted to create a sound Library where I can go deeper in my Activation work and incorporate Light Language. I was guided by the Divine Mother to start using a new attunement that I was given a few years ago when I was visited by the Divine and was told that my sacred medicine would soon change. This attunement carries much sharper frequencies and codes that will assist your metamorphosis into higher timelines of light consciousness. 2021 is a MASSIVE year of change especially to the body; so this birthing came right on time like everything with Spirit usually is!

These codes will sound funny if you haven't heard them before and if you have they may sound a bit sharper and more potent. Some feedback that I have gotten over the years of using light language is that you will begin to see your Star Families. You will begin to see your past lives among the Stars and really begin to communicate and bridge a connection to your Ancient Lineage and Ancestors.


My intention with making this Light Language Library is to assist with the re-writing of the codes of light within the body. My intention is to assist with healing, and recalibration of the HUman body into higher embodiment of functioning and BEING.  This is who and what I do among the Stars. I work very closely with the Arcturians, Lyrans, Siriuns and the Divine Mother. 

It is such an honour to be here with you all again in the greatest shift in the History of Creation.

So much Love and Light Beloved Star Family


***Beloveds, I advise you to listen with headphones and turn down the volume, when I do Light Language it is channelled so it will sound loud, impactful and sharp! Beware of the "abrupt" Language of Light when it comes in!***

New Earth Chakra Series

Purchase individual chakra activations or the whole series!

Intro to New Earth Chakras


Beloveds, I am so excited to bring you the New Earth Chakra Series!!

2021 is really propelling us into a new timeline and paradigm; a completely new embodiment in ALL ways. Everything has changed and this includes the Human body and its "functioning". As we awaken our 12 strand DNA to embody the 12 dimensions of consciousness we will now be tapped into, our body and chakras are changing in frequency to the amount of light we are now able to hold and access.

The Chakras are a vortex/portal of energy that functions every part of our physical and mental body.  It's an Ancient Energy System that has been used and known for Eons. In India, they are known as Chakras while in Ancient Egypt they were known as life force disk of Source energy.  They are 7 main chakras that are known but in theory, they’re hundreds of Chakra points all over the body which are also known as meridian points. Chakras were “created” so Higher communications through the body could be accessed. this was to connect us to God, our Teams of Light and higher dimensional energies which can be reached when we have connected to the deeper knowing/aspects of ourselves, emotions, traumas, and belief systems; this is where we can link to infinity within our cells/energy. The 7 chakras deal with the energetic health of our physical and mental body and each Chakra deals with a certain system/organs in the body (Karmic Connections (3D) The Chakras are a living embodiment of the Universe in our physical body and was created as a communication device between us and Star Families.

With the switch to higher consciousness, our bodies now have to have a new "higher" operating system to traverse all 12 dimensions of higher world embodiment so who we are among the Stars are now being activated within our bodies! This is HUGE!

A few years ago I had a beautiful session with Earth Keeper Selina Mu and she introduced me to the energies of the New Earth Chakras and I have been researching and tapping in to expand on this beautiful wisdom by my Dear Sistar!

I introduce to you, the New Earth Chakra system for the Embodied Starseed!

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