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Day Rising Meditation 285Hz

Day Rising Meditation 285Hz


When we awaken this is a powerful time to set intentions for what we wish to create in our day. Spirit has been showing me for the past few months how to create a sacred grid for my day and by setting your intention for exactly what you want to occur, solve, manifest, accomplish etc. you are now the master creator of your reality. This is an extremely powerful ritual that drastically shapeshifted my life. This is how I birthed MOSK by using these pockets of time to visualize and put the puzzle pieces together of my future reality. By intending first thing in the Rising you SHAPE the grids of your timelines so you can eventually WALK it in this space and time. 

As you listen to this meditation as you rise be in a comfortable position and breath. Let the Light Frequencies of Mother/Father God gently guide. Please drink water after you have listened. Ground into your body when you are finished and have a blessed day!  

I would love to hear your opinions about how these Light Codes made you feel, what came up for you? 

So much Love and Light Beloved Starseeds!

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    When you purchase this recording, it is for your own personal use only and is not to be shared with anyone else or used in any other way other than for your personal healing.

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