Solstice Blessing

June 21, 2022

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Blessed Solstice!

Beloveds, I wanted to share a blessing that I received in my Rising Meditation!


 This Solstice Blessing comes through as a hug and support from the Divine Source Creator of ALL. That is how I felt when receiving and downloading this beautiful transmission. We’ve been going through it individually and as a Collective the intense purging of our Leylines and Grids that hold old Karmic distortions and energies that now need to be released. Karmic grids from past fears, worries, doubts, old thought patterns and beliefs that are now being cleared so the new can now be activated and turned on within you. This means MAJOR Detox symptoms and system rewiring of your Organs, Nervous System, and DNA.  Intense is an understatement for what we are going through right now, but please know that you are SUPPORTED and cared for immensely.


 I would love to hear your feedback on these recordings. How do you feel? What came up? Where in your body do you feel resonance?


 Also, our next big Ceremony is the LIONS GATE!! My favourite time of the year! I absolutely LOVE working within this POWERFUL Portal and this year I am doing a Ceremony! It will be PWYC (pay what you can) and that will be up for you to register within the next few weeks. Space is limited and it will be first come that have access to the LIVE event. The recording will be available. 


 I see you, Warriors of the Divine.


 I send you so much love, and courage and intend that these recordings and writings lend you so much support Starseeds,


 In the name of the Most HIGH, ONE.





Solstice Blessing

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Anchoring of New Earth

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DNA Activation

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Welcome Transformation

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New Earth Equinox Ceremony Replay

Took Place on Sunday, March 20th 7pm-9pm EDT


Divine Starseeds!

Happy Equinox and Happy New Year!


Words cannot express my gratitude for our Equinox Ceremony! What a profound experience for those that were there in person and for those who will watch at a later date. 


I have so much gratitude to you for SHOWING up and making the decision to step further into your mastery, into the truth of your being; this is not always easy. I am wishing and intend a beautiful new beginning for you as you enter this next phase of your becoming.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me or Doug at I would also love to hear your feedback and what came up for you! 


For information on my Mystery School MOSK:


Also, ceremony preparation instructions, the replay link, integration instructions, and Powerpoint are included in the attached PDF.


So much Love and Light,



Lily Flower

Pay what you can!

Upon payment, you will receive an email with a download button/link. Click the Download button/link to download a PDF file which will contain ceremony preparation instructions, the recording link, the PowerPoint presentation, and the followup integration instructions. The energy/transmission is evergreen and can be experienced at any time. 

Prices are in US Dollars.