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What is a Mystery School?

Mystery Schools are sacred containers. Within this container, it is spellbound by the school's intention, mantra and Sacred Decree. Our Cosmos contains many different Planets and Star systems that exist in many different fields of consciousness. Within these fields, you have access to infinite knowledge and wisdom of your Soul, the Soul of Mama Sophia and our Universe. Our incarnation on many different Star systems weaved the myriad of wisdom that Mystery Schools contain. We expand and refine our magic through these portals of activation. Ancient civilizations like Lemuria, Atlantis, the Mayans, and structures like the Pyramids, to name a few left imprints of knowledge that when we awaken we can tap back into and ground within our being. We have known these sacred libraries, places of worship, ceremonies since the beginning of time; it was our place to transcend and record keep our wisdom. Sacred Mystery Schools contain sacred knowledge and we are the keepers/guardians/activators of this knowledge. There is said to be a few physical Mystery Schools around the World that are private or open to the public by invitation. There are thousands if not more that exist beyond our perceived realities. The Mystery Schools I am speaking about are the ones that exist within the myriad of timelines and dimensions among the Star, Cosmos, and Universe. The Mystery Schools that contains the essence of the Divine Mother and the teachings she has imprinted unto the grids of herself and her counterparts; you. These sacred mystery schools will begin to be prevalent and come to the forefront of the minds of the Ancients Ones as we awaken and ground HER wisdom on Earth once again. MOSK is the Divine Mother embodied in this Lifetime as the Ancients. We've returned to awaken this ancient form of alchemy back unto Earth and open the vortex of information and Light that Mystery school contains.

Why are they coming back now?

The four great cycles of 26,000 years have come to an end as of 2012. The karmic wheel of incarnating again and again to gain wisdom, clear illusions, live in duality and polarity, sickness, and a time measurement system that ages you and regresses your mind and body as you become ether and matter simultaneously. To be incarnated with the same key players of your life so you can assist in shifting a planet back into her balance. Imagine being tapped off from all that you know to be true? The wisdom that could assist you and others? Everything we have ever been has prepared us to open the akashic of these sacred portals. AS the illusions leave we remember once again that if we follow our Higher mind, intuition and heart we will tap into information that makes no "sense" but we will feel the pull of the truth in how we know them. We are feeling things in our bodies that exceed "common sense" or make us feel like we are losing our minds. This is our awakening and part of this awakening is opening our mind and body to the plethora of Star particles we are made from! We are remembering. All of you reading these words are Ascending and awakening to your truest essence. We are realizing we've been more than we've thought possible; we are able to work the mind, thus energy into tangible manifestations. Healing ourselves again by getting in tune with what makes us feel joy.


Picture this: Have you ever walked through a forest when the Sun is hitting just right? The weather is perfect and your eyes and ears start to change in frequency; everything becomes brighter, sharper. The quietness shifts your equilibrium and you know that you've stepped into a different time and space. It feels magical. Your eyes start to get a bit blurry like you are seeing 'feedback", (the fuzzy channels from back in the '80s and 90's). You begin to see the trees, leaves and ground start to speak to you as they shapeshift. It's at this moment you feel and hear EVERYTHING. The Earth starts to speak to you, the roots, air, essence of the forest surrounds you in healing and ancient energy. You have entered a Sacred Mystery School. The trees begin to teach you how to breathe deep into your cells. Nature Spirits calm our Nervous Systems and teach us that to heal we must reconnect with the land and its teachings. You start to remember times when you were the trees, dirt, ant, even the rock. We enter through these Sacred schools within our Dream time, meditation, daydreaming, fantasying, intentions. With our BREATH we silence the mind and enter into different timelines. Forests are ancient schools that when connected we come out feeling alive, refreshed and filled with peace. We are consistently tapped into different wisdom portals. These sacred portals of wisdom are activating now more than ever as we enter the age of ascension and enlightenment.

I wanted to resurrect the Mystery School that included the Divine Feminine. In our history on Earth the Church, Temple, places of worship are predominantly governed by men and women didn't have a say unless it was to assist, clean or even prepare; if that. Sometimes because we bled we were considered dirty. Among many different Star systems and planets like LYRA, women are the main group of energies that protect these schools and sacred spaces. In ancient tribes, the women were the ones that made the decisions, healed and retained the knowledge to be passed down within their lineage. A lot of hidden Mystery Schools ARE ran by women. From Africa, the Caribbean, Scotland, and even Europe. These guardians are Witches, Seers, Magicians, Alchemists and the Elemental kingdom; Fairies, Elves, pixies, nature spirits, mermaids (merpeople). Sacred knowledge has been with us since the beginning of time. From deep in the Forrest to the depths of the ocean that is untouched by humans and contains many mystery schools (you've seen the Mermaid and Aquaman) To the Crystalline Core or Earth Star of Mama Tara where we are getting "powered" up and upgraded by her frequencies. Mystery Schools won't be hidden in the future and among New Earth, they will be accessible by thoughts, state of consciousness, intention, and belief. We will begin to hear the call of remembrance from Spirit and you will know instantly what sacred wisdom your Soul is calling back into your consciousness to assist in your personal and collective Ascension. 

Registration for the Feb. '24 Cohort is open.
Classes are Wednesday and Thursday nights from 7-9PM ET.

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