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Course Outline



In the beginning, Mama Sophia created the Universe with a tone, sound, frequency. I've learned along my journey that energy is EVERYTHING and once we remember how to use these energies to turn on our unique coded template, we step into our role as Creators; after all, we are God experiencing itself. Energy transcends limitations and illusions and it completely propels you into a different way of viewing your reality. Each course/class will be a healing and activation session. This will include written information, videos, and Natoya's Energy Healing/Activation.  Each course will be downloaded energetically before classes and be within a format that you can access after class for additional self reflection and work. All course loads will be available for MOSK members afterwards as well so you have lifelong access to the course materials.

These are a few but not limited to topics that will be discussed: This includes discussions, modules, Energy Healing, Light Language Activation's within the classes. These classes are PACKED with energy, I will send out a preparatory email entailing how to get energetically, mentally and physically prepared before classes. I do this with all clients as well.  Each class curriculum outline will be sent via the Forum before classes. Some classes will have guest teachers and will be introduced a week before Classes! Each class date is aligned with the GALACTIC CALENDAR.



"You are so loved and POWERFUL that Source Creator put the Blueprint and the Sacred Codes within YOU, Divine Ones. The goal in this lifetime is for you to see yourself how Source sees you, thus activating your Multidimensional DNA. You are a BIG fucking deal for the Revolution of Consciousness. Welcome Back, Starseeds.

~Natoya Hall



June 9th at 7pm EST


Totem animal: RABBIT


Registration for the February '24 Cohort is open. Classes are Wednesday and Thursday nights from 7-9PM ET.

Classes Begins with Opening Ceremony! Welcome, introduction into the course, introduction to the group that will be your tribe for these 12 weeks and Ceremony to begin our journeying together!


TIME: 7 pm-9 pm ET (times may change due to accessibility)

Course Outline:


Energy Alchemy 101: How to work with it. Wield it. How to use Energy to heal

To know energy you got to know yourself. Not the self that has been in deep programmings of colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy. The Soul self. How do you tick or what makes you tick? What is your point of no return? Which Chakra/Organ communicates with you the most? Your body has a consciousness that is very wise and speaks and conveys messages ALL the time! How are your senses? Let's connect them to a Higher template so your vision, smell, hearing, and taste are merged in 5D and Higher.  This class will awaken your abilities to heal yourself. Hands-on learning with other students. How to respect, and abide by the scared codes of energy and we will touch on shapeshifting energy at will.


Energy 102 will go deeper into becoming a Multidimensional Healer.  This is a Certified Course. (2023)

Chakras: The new portals of light;  healing/clearing/activating/connecting these portals to the crystalline core of Mama Tara. Opening the Higher Chakras

The Chakras are portals that contain information from specific organs, cells and DNA. New Earth energies go deeper in opening the higher chakras and going within these portals inter-dimensionally. Once you begin to know the Chakras and work intimately with each one, you begin to connect with the consciousness of your body's energy fields. This is the beginning of your healing journey. Over the past few years, Spirit has shown me a new technique on a Quantum level to rewire these sacred portals and return them back to the matriarchal balance that has been taken out of our Chakras/portals. For example, the Sacral Chakra is not just about our Sexuality, Creativity, and Worth but on a deeper level, it goes into our past lives and what we are encoded to birth through this Portal. The Divine Mother, Yemaya, Sophia, Kali, and Kwan Yin govern the portal of creation.

DNA Reprogramming/ Activation

Our DNA is the map and the Blueprint of our Soul and once we know how to consciously download wisdom from our Spirit we become masterful creators. The Human DNA has already been switched on for transformation and upgrades; this is what makes your Ascension symptoms sometimes so very intense. To re-program the DNA and switch it on we must master thought, and vibration, connecting neuropathways to our higher mind and our body. This class will go deep into your traumas, fears, and shadow self  (Programming, illusions). We will be working with the Arcturians, Elohim and the Lyrans for these upgrades


We will dwelve deeper into what the DNA is doing to upgrade us at this time.


Our Star Families; Reconnecting with our Light Team 101: The Arcturians, Sirians, Lyran, Andromedans, Alpha Centurians, Pleiadians, Elohim

Who are our Star Families? Aliens? Extraterrestrials? One of the greatest illusions on Earth is that we exist here alone with no outside civilization and no connection to our Universe.  As we awaken we are now being visited, and even remembering our times on many different planets and within many different dimensions. When I awakened to my Star Family my life completely changed and transformed. These classes will go into your Star Lineage and why you are truly here. Where have our Family of light been?  Calling on them for healing, assistance, love and so much more

Meditation: How to calm the mind and body; how to transcend the human form through meditation and breathwork. How to meet your Light teams, Planets, past lives, future lives, connect with Mother/Father GOD.

Meditation is everything and is such an integral part of our Awakening. Most of you reading this are probably excellent Meditators! It is through mediation that we first tap into alternate realities and dimensions. From this stillness we create. Within this class we will be guided by Light Language to meet your Light teams, find our "uploading stations", connect to past lives and connect to our Breath to transcend our Reality. This class will shift your perception of who and what teams of light are around you and how you can call on support at any given time.


What are Dimensions, Timelines, Grids, Template and Realities: Becoming Multidimensional

This is one of my favourite subjects! We exist in a holographic Universe that is upheld by the frequencies we are emitting at any given time. As we collapse the programs and step out of the illusions of 3D we then begin the journeying of stepping into and creating from different Dimensions, timelines, templates and realities. What do you want to create? How do you want to live in higher timelines? What subconscious beliefs hold you back from seeing your totality? What/who have you been in your past lives that point you in the direction of whom you are becoming? Working with the Sacral, Heart and Throat Chakras in this class so you can tap into your alternate universes clearly and with intention. We will work with the Lyrans with activating our Creation Codes



Shapeshifting 101

If you watch my YouTube videos you know that I shapeshift all the time! When I started to remember how to do this I realized that I had to have immense self-love for myself and appreciation for my body. Your body is coming along for the journey and your connection/love and understanding of your body are imperative to morphing and shifting it.  I had to have self-love in who I was to become, and who I wanted to be; this power of change was within me once I held the vision of the Self I wanted to create/embody. This same power is within YOU.  Shapeshifting is all about how you FEEL and how you feel has to be in alignment with how you think. Are you open to the myriad of possibilities that create your World? Your Reality? Shapeshifting is tapping into all the possibilities we have forgotten that exist for us to create with. 2021 and beyond will really take us into the endless possibilities and ground us into magic and how we exist here. This course will go deep in collapsing the limited thought forms of how you perceive your body. Connecting to your body by speaking and asking it the questions necessary to transform. We are taking our bodies when we ascend and the light codes are assisting with this. We are the writers of our script. 




Re-introduction of the human body: (Teacher, Clare Kenty)

This class goes hand in hand with the shapeshifting class. The body plays a major role in Ascension and since it is coming with us we have to learn how to master it. The body has a ton of distortions, illusions and programmings. When I first began my journey into Healing I first had to start with my body and mind. I had to completely heal the way I thought of myself and my body; this rewiring took YEARS because I had so many distortions to heal. My body has taught me so much and the first is to know that it IS consciousness which means it hears, feels and senses everything by thoughts and frequencies. Scientists have found the mind so powerful in how it governs the body that they have case studies of Doctors telling the patients that they are burning them with a cigarette and when they come out of trance-like state sure enough there is a burn on their arm or leg. This also means at any given time we must become clear and discern the stories we are hearing about our bodies from the outside world. In this class Master, Teacher Clare Kenty and I will go to the Root of how our bodies function in higher timelines. This class will have activation and Healing frequencies from the Siriuns, Pleiadian, Arcturians and Lyrans



Boundaries Work (Decolonial class)

Boundaries are the Empath's greatest adversary!! I say that lightheartedly because boundaries are no joke when most Light Workers have had issues setting them. Boundaries are self-care for the Lightworker and play a vital role when you start to create your reality(s). To live in a different Dimension, timeline or reality you must be CLEAR about what you will not and cannot accept; this is how you maintain that said reality. When you start to become multidimensional strong boundaries are necessary for what type of energies can communicate with you, time of day and night that you are "open or receptive for messages". When I first started establishing boundaries it SAVED me in every way and really propelled my manifestation and abundance work.



Opening and working with the Clairs: Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairgustance, Clairalience, Clairempathy and Clairangency

The Clairs are a sacred way of communicating between the realms. These are our senses both in this realm and in higher timelines and they are connected to our Intuition, body and Higher Self.  Most will have one or a few Clair's that they resonate with the most and that they use predominantly. In this class, we will take a tour of the senses and call in your superpower(s). When I write or do a video I am  Channeling from my higher self which means that I am tapped into my Clairvoyance, Claircognizance and Clairsentience way of communicating and discerning. To know what power you work with fine-tunes your ability to connect within the Stars and within our Galaxy. Our teams of Light are ALL proficient in these senses.



Ancestral AND Telepathy Teachings: (Teacher, Jen Maramba)


Ancestral teachings connect us to the guardians and helpers that are with us and love us immensely. These Beings within all your incarnated timelines and beyond are still here for you. They are giving you information, clearing your path, sending hutches, and telepathically speaking with you. When this class came up as a MUST to each I thought about my Sistar, Tribe, Family,  Jen Maramba to assist in teaching this class. In our community, we do Healing work and Jen also holds New Moon Ceremonies, whenever we get around each other we naturally start to communicate telepathically. I put these two together for a reason!



DECOLONIZING OUR SACRED WORK:  (Teacher, Dr. Jennifer Mullan)


Decolonization is a HUGE subject right now, as it should be. This hologram we exist within was created to be a patriarchal, white supremacist, oppressive, anti-everything "norm". We have been brainwashed to think certain thoughts and actions and in this lifetime we are breaking free from this colonial mindset and belief system. These "norms" are changing as the power is returned to ALL the people of Planet Earth. In this class, we break apart the systems within US that we can no longer role/align with within New Earth Frequencies. Shadow and decolonizing work is profound work that goes DEEP in rewiring, healing and collapsing old worn-out timelines of your unconsciousness, behaviour, programmings and ego. Your subconscious beliefs and thought-forms play a huge role in the way you live, act, think and maneuver your reality. It's a big deal because until we look at what was programmed within us we will not know how to dismantle it and create anew. It greatly affects the projection and illusions that weaves the thread of our lives. In this course, we face our shadows, programmings and the colonizer within by getting the right tools and guidance needed to face some of our biggest blocks. Deep preparation for this class will be explained once the class is announced.



Astrology: The Language of the Stars (Teacher, Katie Emma)

Astrology has gotten so popular over these past few years with the Collective's awakening! Astrology is the language between us and our Solar System and once we figure out this language we become the alchemist that can weave time and space at will. In this exciting class, my Elemental Astrology Sistar will teach the language of the stars! If you have your birth information please bring it to class!



The Galactic Federation of Light, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Angels (Star Families Class), Spirit Animals Guides (familiars)

In this class, we meet the Galactic Federation Of Light and The Divine Council of NINE who are a group of interdimensional Beings of Light who are watching over Earth and our Milky Way Galaxy as we enter the age of Consciousness on Earth. Connection with your team connects you to a community of High Dimensional light and frequencies that are here to assist you on your journey. These Beings Of Light are cloaked and are always watching over us; you may see them in the clouds or at night as sparkling Stars! We will learn how to contact them, channel them and tap into their consciousness. ​​


Councils of Light: ISIS Council, Divine Council of NINE, Sophia Council, AKAN Council, Nuburu Council, AND MANY MORE

Most of us know of the Galactic Federation of Light and the amazing work they do to guide, protect and assist Humanity in all ways. However, over the past few years of working with my Divine Light Teams, I have been introduced to the MANY different Councils that are also working with us Starseeds here on Earth, Dreamtime and in many different realms, and Dimensions. Many of these councils are working with the Divine Feminine Frequencies being activated within all of us. Many are working with Women, Trans/Two Spirited Bodied individuals and children. These councils are working with us and activating these Ancient Codes of Creation within us so we can anchor these codes unto Earth Grid. Many of these Councils assist you with starting, transforming or creating sacred work/businesses/foundations that will assist Humanity in the Fields of Healing/Health, Education, Economy, Science and Politics. They assist with the merging of Higher Consciousness within all Light Workers. In this class, we will work with these Councils and receive council on what YOUR Sacred Work is at this time. Also, any messages or guidance they may have for you! 

Merkaba and Light Body Activations:

The word Merkaba is actually composed of three separate words: Mer, which means light, Ka, which means spirit and Ba, which means Body. Put together, these three words connote the union of spirit with the body, surrounded by light. The symbol, which takes the shape of a star, is believed to be a divine vehicle made entirely of light and designed to transport or connect the spirit and body to higher realms. Ancient Jewish texts reveal that the word is also the Hebrew for a chariot, and the Bible reveals that the word Merkaba itself is found in the Old Testament a total of 44 times. To attain wisdom, one must first learn to be willing to accept it. Ignorance and apathy only serve to fixate one of their lies. The true Merkaba meaning will never be revealed to people whose minds are plagued with disbelief. ~Nizwah

The Merkaba is a “Chariot” that carries your Spirit and Body into higher planes of consciousness and we each have one uniquely created for what we are doing in this lifetime. It is your sacred "vehicle" that carries you through portals of "time".  With our journey with Ascension, our Merkaba is changing to accompany the new frequencies of our physical, mental and spiritual embodiment. So, how your Merkaba looked, felt and performed 10 years ago will not be the same chariot that you will have in this phase of your transformation. In this class, we activate your Light Chariot to assist with your unique Ascension path. 

Ancient Civilizations Series: EGYPT

We have all been touched and affected by the energy and History of Egypt. In many texts, Egypt was the first of many civilizations from 950BC- 1000BC, 1560 BC to 1080 BC (when empires started to rise) that used majiik to guide and sustain their way of living. Ancient Egypt worked with and was guided by MANY different planetary systems; Egypt is a Planetary system unto itself.


The Orions, Arcturians, Lyran, Pleiadians, Siriuns, Andromedans, and countless more assisted Egypt in its very powerful griding system. Egypt to this day is still very powerful and is awakening us to the many lifetimes we have been incarnated there to be sacred carriers of Earth and Star Medicine. Were you a Priestess? Poor/Homeless? Coders of the Pyramids? Were you responsible for travelling between Earth and Many Planetary Systems to assist with the creation of the pyramids and ancient monuments? It is not for nothing why many of us are feeling this "call" and "push" to either remember the wisdom of these times or to reclaim our sacred medicine of this ancient time. We are here to create a new World within an old World...these times require our connection to Ancient Egypt.

In this class, we connect with our Star Families who are the Caretakers of the Ancient Medicine that Egypt wields. We regress to see our Divine connections to this sacred Land. We go over the gods and goddesses that have returned and are guiding us through our Ascension. AUSET, SEKHMET, HORUS, RA, MA'AT, THOTH, BASTET, HATHOR(S) to name a few.


We all experience energies differently in the body. Please take your healing into your own hands and if you need to consult medical advice for your peace of mind, please do. These classes and courses are not advised to be taken or listened to while driving. Children may listen with the guidance and support of their parents.

Registration for the February '24 Cohort is open. Classes are Wednesday and Thursday nights from 7-9PM ET.

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