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Image by Joanne Gerber

Light Language Library


Light Language is the language of the Soul. It’s our unique expression and we all vibrate it. This Library is my unique expression and divine communication between our Star Families, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels and our Kins from the elemental and animal realms. I have been guided to curate a Library that focuses and assist our ascension journey especially when it comes to the body, upgrades, healing, and DNA upgrades.


light is what we are created from and into Light we will go when we have transcended this Dimension. The First sound that God made was OHMMMMM. Light is the sacred code of the Divine Source Creator. Every Being of Light speaks the Language of Light within their own unique expressions of it. Because we are in a dense reality/stimulation we are the only Beings within our Milky Way Galaxy and beyond that do not "naturally" speak the Language of the Stars as our MAIN way of communicating, but this will begin to change soon! On Earth, we express our Light in different ways, through our voice/tone and through our energy body. Part of the upgrades happening this year is the attunement of the voice and switching on our "Star Tongue".



These codes may sound funny if you haven't heard them before and if you have, they may sound a bit different, sharper, and more potent. Some feedback that I have gotten over the years of using light language is that you will begin to see your Star Families, remember your unique codes, and begin to align your life with the truth of your Soul. You will begin to heal old, distorted imprints within your cells, organs, and DNA.  You will begin to see your past lives among the Stars and really begin to communicate and bridge a connection to your Ancient Lineage and Ancestors.


 The Light Language Library is to aid you on your journey to remember that you are pure consciousness, and you can weave a new timeline when your mind, body and spirit are aligned. 


These Divine Codes of Light are a gift from Mother/Father GOD. They are of love, light and Spirit. My intention with making the Light Language Library is to assist with the re-writing of the codes of light within the body, and mind. My intention is to assist with the healing, and recalibration of the Human body into a higher embodiment of functioning and BEING.  This is my sacred work amongst the Stars. I work very closely with the Arcturians, Lyrans, Siriuns, The AKAN, ISIS, Nuburians, Divine Dragon and Elemental Kingdoms. The Divine Council of the NINE, The Divine Mother and The Galactic Federation of Light.


It is such an honour to be here with you all again in the greatest shift in the Herstory of Creation.

Image by Wil Stewart

"Light language from Natoya's library activated and continues to upgrade me in so many ways. My clairs are heightened. I'm able to access my Star team beautifully and integrate frequencies now that were blocked prior. This light language library has helped me experience my multidimensionality more fully."


- Shashu D. MOSK alum, Master Teacher, Energy healer

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