Mother of Starkeeping Mystery School is you returning HOME to yourself. It is for those who feel the calling to AWAKEN something deeper within their lives, mind, body and way of being. To be the embodiment of your Higher Self.


I am offering 3 tiers of membership to my site with access to various features including an Energy/New Earth Update, Monthly Activated Vibrations Forecast, and access to my Light Language Library. Each tier is explained below. 


Stargazer is for those that just want the Monthly Activated Vibrations Forecast! The Monthly Activated Vibrations Forecast is written from my Higher Self and is downloaded for a few weeks before written. Light encoded frequencies open the cellular consciousness, organs and DNA to Heal and transform. Within this tier, I can go deeper with my Updates!


The Starseed Tier is great if you would like all written updates including 2 Energy/NewEarth Updates per month. This tier also includes the Monthly Activated Vibrations Forecast! Starseeds will have updates as they come in! 2021 will be bringing in many changes for the Collective and our Personal Creation capabilities. "Reality" as we know it is solely based on a persons consciousness; many illusions will collapse this year. Stay connected to updates through this tier.


The Galactic Tier is for Sacred Self Care. Within this tier you have access to the Light Language Library, Monthly Activated Vibrations Forecast, and 2 Energy/New Earth Updates per month.