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"... MOSK is like walking down a million mile pathway to ascension and being content with it, until someone swoops by with a spaceship, travelling warp speed, and tells you to hop on! At quantum speed you go the rest of the way and realize the journey would have been impossible without MOSK!


At the end of this 12 week course you look back at where you were and who you were when you started, and you wonder how you could have grown this fast, this quick! I have learned many things from quite a few people, but my higher self knew, no one could have taken me on this journey like Natoya. 


Natoya is everything! She is the best, most loving and generous mentor and guide you will ever have. If you are even remotely interested, let me assure you...this course is for you!"

~Dr. Norissa Williams



MOSK has truly changed my life. I am thankful and honoured to have such a beautiful teacher that is kind, warm, with such an amazing spirit. She feels like home, that is Natoya Hall. Her words are poetry, they flow effortlessly. In Mosk I felt seen, heard and especially loved. She saw in me what I am learning to see in myself. From the classes, to learning materials and connections with follow beings of light, all of it is priceless. I am so humbled to be part of such a force that is MOSK. I now have my family, my tribe, my fellow warriors of light to be on this journey called life. There is nothing in this universe quiet like it!

~Maria P.

- Aisha Bentham, MOSK Student

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MOSK Caretaker

My name is Rebecca. 


I create energy encoded art + adornment + ritual tools to help folks activate, align & remember.  I also guide and companion people and communities through the death portal.

It’s an honor to serve as a MOSK Caretaker. As someone who has journeyed through MOSK (Cohort 7), I can personally attest to its potency, vitality and richness.  My role in this space is to provide administrative and technical support to Natoya and members of MOSK. I’m available to assist in any MOSK related capacity. You can reach out at

Grateful to be here with all of you.

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