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Natoya Hall

"Sometimes in life you meet someone and you instinctly know they are a deeply divine being. I am blessed to have been called to Natoya at a time when I was deepening my spirtual journey. Over the years, we have supported each other in sisterhood and reawakened ourselves as siStars journeying in this lifetime as light warriors. Natoya Hall, my dear siStar, is an intuitive galactic weaver. Her authentic wisdom, guidance, joy, and compassion will deepen your insight about life and your purpose."

~Cian Knights; Medicine Woman



Natoya Hall is an Ancient Starseed whom I’ve known in the past few years as a loving, caring and powerful channeler and seer. I have witnessed Natoya hold space for community and her channelled messages are essential in supporting the rising of our community for New Earth. I believe in Natoya’s vision for the Mother of Star Keeping Galactic Mystery School, which is vital to the growth and expansion of consciousness in our times and in the re-membering of our Truths. Thank you Natoya for your presence in this Lifetime! It is truly an honour to walk a path along side you.

— Jen Maramba, Spiritual & Energetic Healer 

Natoya is Awesomely authentic in her gift. I had a consult and later an energy healing and both were extremely profound! Her energy healing tapped into subconscious issues I was running from that were hindering my present growth & my body felt so refreshed & renewed the next day! It was purely Amazing! She is wonderful in helping to understand your spiritual/energy body & how it's affecting your physical body and overcome blockages! I am Hooked & will definitely be going to her regularly. She is a great guide to have to step into your mastery!

—Angel Lewis, Energy/Reiki Healer and Teacher

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MOSK Caretaker

Hello everyone! My name is Doug Bednarczyk and I specialize in graphic design, web design, video/animation production, and instructional design & development. 


I am blessed to be assisting Natoya in maintaining the Mother of Starkeeping Mystery School! I will be providing administrative and technical assistance to Natoya and all of you. I will be overseeing subscription administration, website updates, and the uploading of class recordings and presentations. I am also here to assist you with any technical issues you may experience in regards to the website or Zoom meetings. Please feel free to email me during class with any technical issues at I look forward to walking this journey with all of you!