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Hi, Divine Starseeds, Tribe and Ancient Ones!

I wanted to use this section as a way for you to get to know me a little better! I took a leap of Faith over 20 years ago when I was called into my Soul Purpose. Now, I am hearing that call again as I create and welcome you to MOSK! I would like to re-introduce myself as I take you on a short journey of my Becoming!


When I was a young girl I used to think something was wrong with me. Story of most of our lives right?! I FELT everything. SENSED everything. Before I knew this as my gift, I knew it as my curse, I hated it and always thought something was wrong with me. Because of this "disconnect" with who I was most of my life, I developed a massive fear of death and anxiety that I had hidden for most of my life because I couldn't put a name to what I was feeling/sensing, I learned to suppress the parts of me I didn't see in my reality. I grew up in a culture that never really talked about feelings, emotions or extrasensory gifts and powers. If you felt sad you made a cup of tea and went to bed! I was born in Jamaica and raised mostly by my amazing Great Grandparents who are now my Ancestors who guide me on my Journey. As a child, I was a tomboy who would run the yard buck naked and scream my little head off in joy until my Mama would catch me and put me in one of the MANY tailored dresses I had for Church EVERY Sunday; Mama didn't play that. I loved home. 

Home is where my connection and DEEP love of trees, land and watah began and Jamaica is where I want to lay my Soul to rest when my mission is complete. When I left Jamaica and migrated to Canada with my Dad and his new wife I left a piece of me back home, I would later find out that my childhood would be me finding those pieces of love, balance and "home" again.


As a teenager, I started to tap into my spirituality more and more. Growing up a Christian I always felt like there was so much more to this "story" of God and our Origins and either no one knew or no one wanted to delve into the "other" side of Spirituality. I ran away at 16 to find myself and I lived out of my high school locker until my music teacher Mrs. Barrette moved me into her home. I knew even at that age that something profound was happening to me but I didn't know what. She was one of the many Prophets of God that assisted in my awakening. She was a Jehovah's Witness who taught me so many things, one of which was to be compassionate. She taught me in school to not follow the crowd and to keep my back straight if I didn't want to grow up with a hunchback! I! She taught me the Saxophone, Clarinet, Trombone and my deep love for jazz music; I loved her deeply. I still carry those traits with me to this date. My mantra is compassion for myself and humanity, and I always watch my posture!


I went through the dark night of my Soul at a very young age. I packed up everything and moved to New York; every experience showed me the woman I was to become and I ran for dear life away from myself until I couldn't any longer. My life, like so many of you reading this was tough. I went through things that should have broken me but instead, it built my character, it built my compassion and my empathy for Humanity. It taught me profound things about the human psyche and why we behave the way we did. This would lead me to intern in the prison system, the Bail program and as a grade 1 teacher's assistant.  This period of my life changed me profoundly. My other Prophet came when I was homeless and living in a shelter. I had an amazing relationship with the staff and although they weren't allowed to take messages they took this one. I had been a part of an article that shone a light on the living conditions being homeless entailed, out of all of us that did this story I was the only one that agreed to have my picture taken. I wanted the readers to know that a real person was telling their story. Long story short, an elder Asian woman saw this article and wanted to meet me; so we met and she told me how my story inspired her and she thought I was so brave to have my story told and show my picture.

She wanted to pay for my FULL tuition to  Journalism school which I wrote in the article but didn't have the money to go to College. All she wanted in return was for me to graduate and that would be my payback to her. After moving out of the shelter and getting my own apartment I started to go to school and true to her word she paid for my tuition and books and at times a dinner or two!  She paid for everything and was my dear elder friend. Years later as I got ready to graduate I called the number she had given me and they told me no woman by that name worked there. Called her home number and no one by that name lived there. She had completely ceased to exist. I learned about reality, dimensions and incarnated Angels through her teachings. She was my Angel and I loved her deeply. She is the reason I am able to write, make videos and speak to you all; I developed my skills in Journalism school! 

My Clairvoyance and Clairsentience were my first "gifts" to come online. I started to see and sense Spirit around people, shapes at the corner of my eye, orbs, ghost, the same things I thought I had buried as a child all started to come back. I was able to tap into many different dimensions at once and I sensed the energy of others in my body. I knew when someone was sick, if they just had sex, if they were menstruating, and even if they were dying. It was my Great Grandfather Papa Sanki who came in and was my main Spirit Guide. Papa, the love of my life was the first to show me who I truly was and the amazing gifts I had been blessed to assist others with. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for these amazing teachers. I later realized that it was my Papa that led these prophets in my life to guide, awaken and assist me. He saved me in every way. I learned how to use my gift and channel energy. I became an Alchemist. A Healer, through his guidance. He taught me not to be afraid of myself.   

I started to develop a close relationship with my light team but before that, I really started to connect with GOD. I had unfinished business with Source; quite frankly I couldn't stand the "guy". I was taught to fear God, I was also taught through religion that every horrible thing that had to happen to me was because GOD was mad at me; so you see I had a bone to pick. Through my re-learning, My relationship with God changed. I realized that everything I was taught was a lie/illusion and thus began my Ascension Journey. There was no Facebook or Instagram in the '90s and early 2000s. Everything that I knew always came from Source first. Mother/Father God led me through EVERYTHING. The woman standing in front of you today is one that has undergone massive "training" to bring you the wisdom, knowledge and activation that I have been blessed to bring forth. I am humbled and I am honoured to do this Soul Work. It is something I LOVE with every fiber of my being. 


Blessings and DEEP gratitude for taking this journey in Re-membering with me. There's this line in a song, or movie (can't remember where) but it goes like this; " If I don't know me, how can you?". It's so simple but so powerful; If I don't know who I am or what made me the way I am I can't assist you in your remembering because I haven't remembered who I am.  


I am grateful to YOU. Yes, the Divine Being that is reading this. Those of you who see me, trust me and believe in me. You are not here by mistake. Our Souls know each other and it is Spirit that has led you here; Welcome back and Thank you for being here!

My intention is Love.


I am straight to the point and truthful and what you see is what you get with me. I am a Priestess, Healer and Ascension Guide and I am here to assist in the activation of the new HUman code that will anchor unto Earth and change the frequency of Mama Tara. No big deal. This Ancient project has already begun and for the next 13-33 years, we are embarking on a spiritual, physical and mental journey that shapeshifts us all into Beings of Light. This is Ascension. Our World as we know it is being transformed and the Warriors Of Light are here to switch on our Ancient Wisdom and anchor it here within Earth's Dimension. My work here is with Energy. I know how to morph energy to assist the body to heal, transform, shapeshift and transmute. I also work with the Galactics, Divine Mother, The Divine Council of NINE, Panther and Dragons to turn these energetic codes on within the body. If you are guided, walk this journey with me!

Blessed love Divine Starseeds. It is an Honour to be here with you!

Akan, Akan, Akan


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