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The Throat: Purpose

The Throat: Purpose


The throat chakra in New Earth transcends what we know as Purpose. Our Purpose is wielded by our deep remembering into our past lives and what pulls us in our sacred work. Your truth/purpose wasn't birthed in this lifetime but was seeded since your choice to incarnate unto this planet many lifetimes ago. The Throat governs organs and glands that command our truth and faith on our sacred path. What is your Truth? What is your purpose here in this lifetime? What is the common thread in many of your lifetimes? Who/What keeps you away from your Truth?

Many people have major issues around speaking their truth and physical imbalances with the throat. We have lived many lifetimes suppressing our truth, purpose, power and path for not only our safety but also the safety of those we love. You may find that it is with your family that you are afraid to show who you truly are or speak your truth. Know, beloved that your chosen family are meant to be guides that brings you back into your truth, power and magic; it is you that is sent to awaken their truth/power by being embodied in yours.


The Spell Casting Portal governs our Respiratory System, Thyroid Gland, Mouth, Teeth, Tongue, and Jaw. Our head/ neck acts as a bridge to the rest of our body and if you have an unbalanced throat more than likely the energy is stopping at the neck and not making its way down to the feet and into Mama Gaia/ Crystalline Core. The throat creates through sound codes and frequencies so how you speak of yourself and your life is vital. Speak the codes of the life you want to create and anchor within your desired timeline and reality. EVERYTHING is manifesting at incredible speeds as the frequency shifts here on Earth. Be mindful here. Be brave here. Have faith in who you are and whom you are becoming. If you do not know your purpose or whom you are becoming; speak it into the Universe, she knows exactly who you are and will align you to your truth.

The Thyroid Gland: is the spellcasting portal and also acts as a portal of Creation. The Thyroid loses its balance when it cannot EXPRESS itself and TRUTH. Are you showing up in your life completely and authentically as you? Or, are you still abiding by certain programmings, fears, belief systems that your friends, family, lovers expect you to be?  An unbalanced Thyroid also shows up when we have lived past lives that we were killed, crucified, tortured, cursed etc for being ourselves. To heal and maintain balance and peace this portal needs our truth for self and realities. Because this is the Throat Chakra it governs your Self-Expression and Personal Power. In the book by Louise Hay: You Can Heal your life; Thyroid has to do with "I never get to do what I want to do", when will it be my turn and wanting to please others before ourselves. 

Respiratory System: governs our sacred breath. "Represents the ability to take in life. – Breathing Problems: Fear. Not trusting the process of life. Getting stuck in childhood. Fear of taking in life fully. – Bronchitis: Inflamed family environment. Arguments and yelling."~ Heal your Life. When I started meditation many moons ago I realized I had no idea how to properly breathe and take in oxygen/prana into my cells, blood, body. Over the years I have come to realize that MANY do not know how to properly breathe in SACRED POWER into their bodies. The respiratory system works with what you take in as truth to your Soul and what must be released that does not align with your truth. 

Mouth, Teeth, Tongue and Jaw: Governs the high intense light codes coming into our bodies and assisting us with how we decipher these codes. This is where our Superpower, Clairgustance comes in. Clairgustance is the ability to TASTE energy/frequencies before you put anything in your mouth, I'll go deeper in the AJNA Activation! Our mouth is a spaceship where we take in many energies and distribute them all over the body. A lot of you may have realized your sensitivity to foods in recent years and this is because as your body upgrades to a faster pulsating rhythm so does what you put inside your mouth and your mouth gives the ok with whether or not it likes what is coming in. Solar Flares, Incoming energies from Planets/Galaxies, from our Family of Light affects the mouth and makes our teeth, gums and jaw incredibly sensitive.

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