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The Crown: The Alchemist

The Crown: The Alchemist


The Crown is the Alchemist that connects us to higher Chakras/Portals of New Earth. New Earth already exist within us and is accessed through your energy/vibration and higher mind. From this portal we see just how multidimensional we truly are and that we are "returning" to a vibration that is governed through our mastery of SELF. You cannot exist and live in higher embodiment while still holding on to your limitation and making sense of it with your mind. Higher Timelines doesn't use "sense", it takes inner wisdom and knowing that you are an ancient being from the Stars and you hold within you Universal Consciousness.  


The Crown governs our Higher mind, the Spinal Cord, Brain/Brain Stem, Pain Centre and Nerves. The Spinal Cord is our Information highway and compartmentalizes the frequencies coming down into the Systems, Organs, Blood and DNA of the body; activating our Light Body.


Some of you may have noticed that in the last few months the pain, stiffness, uncomfortable sensations in the body has reached new heights as we go through DEEP transformations with the Body. Our Nerves Centre at times may feel inflamed and sensitive especially with the Sun's POWERFUL Activation's, the Morphogenetic Field rising on Mama Tara and the Planets within our Solar System sending/emitting Crystalline and Diamond Light Frequencies to assist. What does all mean? In the next few years we are going to see the morphing of our bodies like never before and this will awaken a lot of people to REALLY seeing the the limited perception we were made to think about our Bodies and its capabilities. You are going to Shapeshift like you've never shapeshifted before! Get ready for your face, body, skin, beauty, limbs, hair, eyes, senses ALL changing; you may be seeing this in yourself and others already!

The Crown: Activation will be connecting and calling in our Higher Self to morph and become ONE with our physical embodiment. When we download energies from higher chakras it comes down and goes within our Spine which is the information highway and when the energies get intense our back/spine can become very sensitive

The Nerves: will feel super sensitive and almost like its inflamed as we process our very sharp, high voltage frequency upgrades. This Activation is to sooth the Nerves and clear the debris, stuck energies, for smooth downloads.

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