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Root Chakra: Mama Gaia

Root Chakra: Mama Gaia


In higher timelines, the Root Chakra is now being returned to the Divine Mother! Mama Gaia. Earth Star Chakra.


This New Earth Chakra connects and works directly with the Crystalline Core and teaches us how to GROUND into our new timelines, paradigms and realities within our OWN bodies. In the Spiritual communities it is known that to ground we must do so within the Earth, but what I have realized is that as Mama Gaia shifts her frequency you are grounding into her ever changing energy as well. Although this is OK to do, what was channelled to me is that we learn to ground within our own bodies as well. By grounding into our bodies we then form a bond/connection to how our bodies take in and assimilate higher frequencies.


We must take our physical embodiment with us as we Ascend, so we must learn to work with our bodies as it morphs in functioning and into light.  Mama Tara is teaching us how to stay anchored within our bodies while we traverse MANY different planes of consciousness thus becoming GOD creators of our existence and experiences.


Are you still balancing one foot in the old and one foot in the new? 


This New Earth Chakra connects us to the ROOT of Gaia and our Root interconnects with Mama Gaia's. We have access to healing energies that balance, heals, changes how we look, feel and act within our Light Body. New Earth Root Chakra deals with the balance Masculine/Feminine energies within each one of us and our /Mother/Father/Lineage/Ancestors throughout our many lifetimes. This is the beginning of higher Source Energy: Base of the Spine is where the Kundalini begins its Ascend

We have ALWAYS been able to traverse many dimensions and we do so in our dream state when we fantasize or daydream which is us tapping into the myriad of realities we simultaneously exist in alongside this current reality!


Mama Gaia is our Earth Star; we are coming back HOME within this Chakra.

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