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Heart Chakra: Milky Way Galaxy

Heart Chakra: Milky Way Galaxy


Our Heart Chakra is being returned to the Milky Way Galaxy!


The new higher timeline Heart Chakra governs our allness, our totality. The heart is the BIGGEST Portal to merge to higher timelines because it manages the “jump”.  We gauge our realities/timelines and dimensions from this epicentre. Our Heart teaches us to move from the mind and trust the process of the heart; we move through our Heart space with trust and agility because we have faith that everything is in accordance to our energy and path. It is scientifically proven (although we do not need proof to how POWERFUL the Heart is)!


Our Heart is the only organ with its own magnetic field of consciousness and it can be felt first when you walk into any space. Think of the Heart Chakra as Grandma Medicine; it is wise, ancient and profound at creating from love. This is where we receive our abundance.


The Heart is the Mother Ship 


The Heart Chakra in higher timelines re-connects us to the Earth's Magnetic field/centre/MWG


The Heart is a transmitter and is our biggest Gateway apart from the Womb: they work together.

With the Heart Chakra being returned to its original functions and governed by the Milky Way Galaxy we are able to feel and tap into our magnitude hence creating from a different template.

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