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Throat Chakra: Universe

Throat Chakra: Universe


The Throat Chakra is now being returned to the Universe!

Our voices will be used for tonal frequencies and as an ACTIVATOR. We are returning to the tone of GOD. Light. Home Planet frequencies.


The Throat Chakra connects our tone back to light, our Star families, frequencies from all parts of the Universe


We will be affected by people’s tones/voices much more and with this new sensitivity we can/cannot bare to hear someone speak or can tell who they are just by the tone of their voice. Dissonance with someone's tone. Have you ever heard someone speak and feel like someone is scratching a black board?! It's not that their voice is bad/good, that's duality but it shows us how connected or in alignment with someones frequency we are. I can tell very quickly by someones tone whether or not we are compatible! A lovers tone is safe, peaceful, loving. A child's tone is innocent and full of joy. Grandmother's tone is wise, calming and authoritative etc.

Does your tone contains fear trauma, worry, programmings or does it resonate with love, trust, self confidence?


Words are changing as we decolonize English and how very limited language truly is. We are being returned to our original form of communication which is Telepathy. Being mindful of how/what you speak to yourself and others is also very important from this portal because our voices/words meaning can contain spells,curses or the intention to create. I always say, speak with INTENTION!


We are returning to the Sound of Light!

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