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Sacral Chakra: Mama Luna

Sacral Chakra: Mama Luna


This Chakra is Governed by the Divine Energy of Mama Luna!

There are MANY stories of our Moon on Earth and some claim that the Moon is a spaceship that streams an array of different frequencies not all meant for our well being. However, when I was tapping into Mama Luna, she said that there are many Moons that exist in many different timeline and dimensions. When I speak of Mama Luna I speak of her SPIRIT which we feel throughout many different dimensions of space and time because we ARE Multidimensional as well!


Mama Luna governs our higher timelines emotional capacity that we have garnered from all of our lifetimes "in training". It governs our sacred emotions, feeling deeper and accessing a deeper emotional range. Emotional intelligence is connected to a higher timeline of consciousness and to our Womb Portal.


New Earth Sacral Chakra is our Portal of Creation, this is where we attune, create, manifest and merge timelines (past lives) of creation. We wield from this portal. This is our connection to past lives and who we once were so we can be all-encompassing and merge ALL our Light into one; becoming whole in our Earthly embodiment. Think of it like graduating and taking all your skills and experiences into the world to give your gifts and mastery to the world!


How we once created has changed and evolved into a new bandwidth and format so our e-motions are not based on trauma, believes, shadow, or Ego but on a higher template of consciousness, sacredness and Akashic wisdom.


The Sacred Womb space is a Galactic Gateway that we create from. If we are creating from fear, unresolved trauma, programmings etc we are creating from a 3rd Dimensional template of lack of worth for self

From this Chakra we know our Divine Blueprint and our sacred WORTH here on this Planet. Everything we have ever been has been to get to this point of our Evolution and now we are here.

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