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Crown Chakra: Omniverse

Crown Chakra: Omniverse


The Crown Chakra is now being governed by the Omniverse!


The Divine Crown Chakra is The Portal to higher access of Light and connects us to New Earth Chakras.


Our Crown connects to higher chakras and bridges the “old” to the “new”, beginning a new time: a new way of being, having, living etc.


The Crown governs The Omniverse which connects us to the Elohim, Mother/Father GOD; this instant conscious connection will aid us to develop and maintain our Light Bodies; it will aid in regenerating the  body


New coded DNA open to our Star lineage within our cells, blood, organ, outer and inner body

Through meditation, REST and stillness we reach an heighten state within ourselves for this regeneration!

The Third Eye and Crown Chakra is our Higher Selves embodied; welcome our Higher Timeline connection to the ALL; our higher timeline Crown Chakra!!

"Fix your Crown" and welcome to the Omniverse of your consciousness!

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