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The Reproductive Organs: New Creation

The Reproductive Organs: New Creation


I heard someone describe the Womb as the Mystery of all Mystery Schools; how profound is that?! I have been speaking about the extraordinary Power that is the Womb, especially in this lifetime because of the "return of the embodied Sacred Feminine", for years. The Womb space holds incredible Nu Creation Codes that assist in bringing back Ancient wisdom into this Paradigm. The Womb also holds the Akashic of the Universe; It is COSMIC wisdom! This is incredible wisdom that once tapped in changes the trajectory of your life! We are ALL carrying these codes of New Creation but the Womb(man) are carrying these codes to awaken the Divine Feminine in particular ways unto Mama Gaia.   


The Reproductive Organs in both men and women are MAJOR players in New Earth Energies. In the Chakra Series, I explained how the Sacral Chakra is a StarGate that is bringing profound new frequencies when it comes to how we CREATE in our lives. This is the Divine Feminine in all living things. This is creating from a place of higher consciousness and Ancient Wisdom which this Portal holds. Organs within this part of the body are vital in our Metamorphosis. In this energy series, we will be Activating the Ovaries/Testicles, Bladder, Bowel, Lower Intestines, Cervix, Uterus,  New Earth sexuality, emotional wisdom and intimacy to not only our partners/lovers but how we show intimacy/gentleness and compassion with ourselves. There is a DEEP trust that needs to happen for you to be completely grounded in the new embodiment happening to all of us at this time. Your body senses when you do not trust it and that energy goes deep within the cellular structure of your makeup. 


The Ovaries/Testicles: The Ovaries/Testicles hold profound New Earth frequencies of higher consciousness. This is not based on Gender because we each have this system within the body and whatever your gender these codes still need to run through your body to activate certain Light Codes within you. The children being born within the Womb Portal are POWERFUL and Soldiers of Love Frequency, hence the War on the Womb and the reason I have been speaking about the importance of the health of this Portal. This Energy Activation will not only heal but act as a protective force around your Ovaries/Testicles and only those frequencies which align with you will be given access to this StarGate.

The Bladder: The bladder is doing MASSIVE release work right now. The Bladder releases all that does not serve; especially FEAR created from our past. What old storylines are you releasing from your past that no longer serves? What Fear needs to be released through the system of the bladder? This also goes for the Bowel System.

The Lower Intestine: The small intestine, or small bowel, is a hollow tube about 20 feet long that runs from the stomach to the beginning of the large intestine. The small intestine breaks down food from the stomach and absorbs much of the nutrients from the food.

After food is processed in the small intestine, it passes into the large intestine (also called the large bowel or colon). The large intestine, which is about 5 feet long, extracts most of the water from the food and distributes the liquid to the body; the remaining material passes through the colon and out of the body as feces (stool)~ The Small Intestine acts as an alchemist and shapeshifts the impurities in the body into usable "pure" energy. Because this is in the gut this governs our E-motions (energy in motion). The theme is the release of stuck energies such as fear, sadness, anger etc. As we ascend we will become breatharians and need food less and less so this system will need to digest physical food and be more of an energy alchemist to help us move through higher consciousness.


"The Small Intestine is responsible for receiving and making things thrive. Transformed substances stem from it."

- Su Wen, Chapter 8


The Cervix: When researching the physical functions of the Cervix through the internet all pages showed up with Cancer to the Cervix. This made me think, why were pages that explained the functioning of The Cervix all showed up speaking about the Dis-ease? This says a lot. So, I went straight to Source!  This information came from Spirit. 

The Cervix is the Doorway, the portal and the StarGate to the Female Reproductive System...ah, now I'm understanding the lack of information! So, the Cervix governs what enters and "alerts" but also acts as a buffer to not allow "parasites" (literally) in. This includes sperm that is not in alignment to enter through this Portal. As this is the StarGate entry many energies will attempt to enter so this is where we become mindful of "agents" that come in forms of Lover and Partners. Also, what are you feeding yourself when it comes to your Divinity? How is your connection to the Divine Feminine? What is your relationship with your body especially if you are a woman in this lifetime? Your connection to your Reproductive System plays a MASSIVE role in the theme and Sacred work you are here to ground unto Mama Tara.

The Uterus: Also known as the MOTHER. The space of all Creation! Within this Activation, I want to go deep with clearing energetic blocks to the Uterus, such as Fibroid's, Cysts. Cancer, Rape and Abuse Trauma. This will assist women who have lost pregnancies or are "infertile"as well. I am not a Doctor, I work with energy. Please see a healing professional if you need to go deeper in your healing.

New Earth Sexuality/Sensuality: New Earth Sexuality/Sensuality and Intimacy will be major themes these next few years more so than ever. How we have sex, make love, the partners we are attracted to are changing and aligning with those that are aligned with our Highest Self. Relationships/partnerships that are not in alignment are bringing up deep-rooted themes that need to be healed and/or collapsed.

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