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The Heart: The Connector

The Heart: The Connector


The Heart: The heart to me is our second Spirit, embodied. It is a POWERFUL field of consciousness that controls our Energetic Body and the Auric Field. The Heart Chakra is the connector to the Cosmos and how we interconnect with our Star Families, Galactic Family, Different Spaceships, Planets, Galaxies etc. This is where we live multidimensionally and Interdimensionally, through the Heart. Heart Consciousness has been so attacked and skewed but the heart and the stomach are where you gauge TRUTH. 

The Circulatory System: Takes old energy out and is moving in High Frequency Codes. The circulatory system carries oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to cells, and removes waste products, like carbon dioxide.

The Thymus Gland: The thymus is a little but mighty gland that governs our immune system. This is where we can access our "Healing Merkaba". Our Healing Merkaba is an extension of our energetic body, when I was shown this we can now intend this field to assist against any energies, technologies and frequencies, not for our Highest good. 

Lungs: the Heart Chakra governs the Lungs. The Lungs carry our deepest e-motions such as grief, sadness, anger, rage, forgiveness that alter our decisions and puts us deep in shadow work. It also carries our deepest joys, contentment, peace, happiness, LOVE! When we refuse to forgive ourselves and others that haven't treated us the best we give power to them and the lungs have to HOLD that energy in and process it until you release it; this is what causes diseases to the Lungs and Heart. This is why the saying "forgiveness is not for them it is for you" is so important, and true.

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