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Solar Plexus Chakra: Father Sun

Solar Plexus Chakra: Father Sun


What are you here to LIGHT up?


In Higher Timelines, the Solar Plexus Chakra is Governed by Father SUN! 

Father Sun is our Activator. It governs cell regeneration and DNA Activation's. It charges Earth's Electromagnetic Field thus Charging and activating us. The Plexus merges our Dimensions through FEELING and SENSING. We FEEL New Earth frequencies through how our stomach digest and establish connections

Our stomach is where our umbilical cord is and when we are in a dream state or deep meditation this etheric cord makes sure we come back into the body safely. But now we are able to traverse many different dimensions of space time without being limited to where or how we get there. This Portal guides us to tap into many different realities at once while still being anchored to our bodies in a safe way. We gauge our realities from this portal. In the past few years we have undergone MASSIVE recalibrations to the stomach and this will continue with shifting our organs and also how we eat and assimilate nutrients into the body. 


This Core interconnects us to Spaceships,  The Galactic Federation Of Light and  different “meeting” places in and above our Milky Way Galaxy.

It governs our "Higher Mind" or one Mind since the Plexus is our true Brain.


Our “inner light" is leading the way!

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