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The Body: Regenesis

The Body: Regenesis


As we ascend we cannot leave the body behind. The Body is creating Herstory in how it will aid us and Shapeshift into the Avatar of our dreams; literally! 


Let's begin with the Organs of the lower body! The Root of the Body governs the conscious JUMP into many different Timelines, Realities and Dimensions; this New Earth ability and capabilities rev's the system and uses a lot of "juice" (energy). Making sure that we are not draining our bodies of vital energy means that we have deep work to do here like Inner Child, Shadow, and Trauma Work. The Root governs the organs that assist us with our foundation. This energy sequence will assist the Feet, Knees, Hips, Pelvic and Lower Back.


Also, The Adrenals Gland, Colon, Kidneys, Muscles, Skeletal, Arterial Blood (Left chamber of Heart), Oxygen and Blood/tissue. 


The Adrenals Gland governs our Hormones and helps us produce them. It also helps us regulates our metabolism, Immune System, Blood Pressure and our response to stress. These small but POWERFUL glands are assisting us with the metamorphosis of how our body "runs". It governs the most powerful systems within the body thus, assisting us to hold more light. Holding more light means that these organs are also becoming multidimensional in their functions. What is happening now is a massive "clearing out" of a lot of density/programming's from these organs when it comes to Fear and Trauma. 

The Kidneys are about Fear and sits underneath the Adrenals Glands. The Kidneys deal with inspiration, reflection and in Ancient times was considered the "Life Centre". Which past Life left an imprint of incredible fear within your consciousness? How is your relationship to Death? If you were given a choice to have the life of your dreams but you would have to face these fears head on, would you? What are your everyday stressors? 

The Muscles/Skeletal Systems hold coding's of our makeup and Ancient Wisdom. If we are frigid in our mind and body this affects the muscles and in time it loses its agility and when this happens this is where we feel stuck in life, body and mind. What are you being called to do but aren't doing? What thought-form is Ancestral that you need to change? Your diet? Belief system? Programmings? 

I will speak about the Heart later on! 

Oxygen is fundamental in the body. When you get a check-up when you aren't feeling well the first thing that they will test along with your vitals is your Oxygen levels. Oxygen is what makes everything run in your body, it gives life/energy to your cells. This is the "Tree of Life" that runs your system. Our Oxygen becomes Crystalline as the tree of life frequency changes within us as we ascend. 

Our Blood gives life to EVERYTHING. Blood is the Mother she runs through every system, cell, organ of our body. Our Blood will continue to hold vital nutrients but also an accelerated amount of Light Codes to assist the system of the Body in its new functions.

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