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Soul Star Chakra: Living as our Higher Selves

Soul Star Chakra: Living as our Higher Selves


There are MANY higher Chakras but for now Spirit wanted me to speak about these two!


The Soul Star or Soul Seat is our Higher Self. God/Goddess Self, our highest embodiment within this Earth plane and beyond.


From this Chakra we are operating and living from our highest aspects while living in alternate realities, dimensions and timelines.


It is the gateway to the Cosmos, Teams of Light and our constant contact.


When we are "operating" from our Soul Seat we are brave, confident and we know we can transcend all limitations or perceived blocks, traumas, believes; we know we are connected to something infinite, magical and ancient 

We walk in the World as Ancients.


It is our Cosmic Wisdom and it is our Higher Self connected to resonance of love and light.

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