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Ajna: The Seer

Ajna: The Seer


Ajna is the "All-Seeing" Seer and she governs your inner sight here on Earth. Along with your Crown, AJNA governs your sight in your parallel realities and the myriad of Dimensions you communicate and are tapped into. This is where DEEP trust in your Intuition comes in. When I started my journey I had such a mistrust of this portal because I was still using my linear mind to gauge a Spiritual reality. What you can think, exist and EVERY thought is created and exist in a timeline that you have to be a vibrational match to see, witness and exist within.


That's a lot right?! This is where we start to get into Multidimensional and Interdimensional living and trusting our inner knowing because there is so much more to your existence than what you see with your physical eyes. There are worlds upon worlds and Dimensions that our Star families exist within, Galaxies, Universes, that you can access if you TRUST your Ajna!

She Governs the Pituitary Gland, Pineal, Skull, Eyes, Brain, The Nervous System and Connects us to higher consciousness senses. Within this Action, we activate the "Clare's"! The Clair's are our psychic abilities that are governed by our PHYSICAL senses and each person is born with ALL these ”senses”. we may use one more predominately than the other. I call these your SUPERPOWER.


The Pituitary Gland: Known as the "Master Gland" because not only does it tell other glands to release and produce Hormones but it is the Master Commander post that connects us to a myriad of Dimensions, Timelines, Realities, Spaceships, Teams of Light, GOD, Planets, Galaxies etc. This is the gland that allows our connection to the Spirit Realm, Mystical and Cosmic experiences. It is connected to our Third-Eye and is the Spiritual Eye, All-Seeing Eye or what some call the "Seat of the Soul"; this is the portal to the UNIVERSE. "Through secretion of its hormones, the pituitary gland controls metabolism, growth, sexual maturation, reproduction, blood pressure and many other vital physical functions and processes."~

The Pineal Gland: It may seem that the Pituitary and Pineal are the same but physically they govern different parts of the brain. Spiritually they both govern the Third-Eye/Spiritual Eye/Seat of the Soul. "The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland in the brain, situated beneath the back part of the corpus callosum, and secretes melatonin."

Skull, Eyes, Brain: There are many directions I can take the Activation with the Skull but I want to direct it in the direction of the viscerocranium.  "The viscerocranium bones form the anterior and lower regions of the skull and include the mandible, which attaches through the only truly motile joint found in the skull. The facial skeleton contains the vomer, two nasal conchae, two nasal bones, two maxilla, the mandible, two palatine bones, two zygomatic bones, and two lacrimal bones". What does that mean right?! The Viscerocranium governs the structure of your face, among other things! I have been researching this on myself and others for the last 3 years when I really started to notice that my whole face changed in structure as I tapped in more and more into high vibrational frequencies my whole body started to change, hence why I wanted to do this program. Within this Activation, we are going to assist the Viscerocranium to shapeshift our face and hold High Vibrational Light Codes.


The Eyes: The Eyes are the windows to the Soul and the eyes are activating in PROFOUND ways. I have looked into people's eyes and automatically get activated in major ways. I've also looked in the eyes and get a scan of who they are; hence why you may see a lot of people begin to wear sunglasses! The Eyes are quite intense with the frequencies they are holding.

The Brain: "The Brain is the most complex part of the human body. This three-pound organ is the seat of intelligence, interpreter of the senses, initiator of body movement, and controller of behaviour. Lying in its bony shell and washed by protective fluid, the brain is the source of all the qualities that define our humanity". ~ I talk a lot about the brain and how it is changing to accommodate our New Human Bodies. With our Bodies changing the Brain and how it is wired to think and accommodate the Organs and systems of the body HAVE to change. This is the massive metamorphosis happening within the next few years.


The Clair's are our Spiritual and emotional SuperPowers that are instilled within us to decipher our realities here on Earth. 


CLAIRVOYANT: "Clear Seeing"

CLAIRSENTIENCE:  "Clear Feeling"

CLAIRAUDIENCE: "Clear Hearing"


CLAIRGUSTANCE: "Clear Tasting"

CLAIRALIENCE: "Clear Smelling"

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