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Third Eye Chakra: Multiverse

Third Eye Chakra: Multiverse


Our Third Eye Chakra is being returned to the MULTIVERSE!


The Third Eye Chakra connects you to multi-dimensional living, knowing, acting, having, thinking outside the box.


Once we perceive with our inner sight in higher timelines we no longer have limited perception, we see the totality/infinity of everything within ourselves; the Multiverse.


Within this Chakra we can access the 72 Dimensions and beyond of space and time; we are are now Inter-dimensional and multidimensional beings of Light!


The Third Eye connects to higher Chakras and inner knowing. It is connected to our infinite wisdom of the beginning. When i think of this Chakra I think if Source Creator had a mind it would be connected to the allness of creation. The Alpha and Omega. This is the superpower of the Third Eye!


The Pineal Gland is now changing how it absorbs light/codes therefore changing how you see, taste, smell, hear; how we used to decipher our senses were limited. This is the reason as we ascend why we get sensitive to smells, taste, sounds, textures, it opens pathways in the brain.


With the coming online of this higher timeline Chakra the brain will begin to "operate" differently and overtime you will start to hear of our brain capacity increasing and scientist “finding” new functions of the brain

You are now connected to the Multiverse within this higher timeline Chakra!

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