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Interstellar Entrepreneurship Mentorship

Multidimensional Coaching for New Earth Embodiment: 7 Week Program

Starts July 3rd
Online Meetup

Available spots

Service Description

Experience a transformative journey with our Interstellar Entrepreneurship Coaching at MOSK. Our New Earth Embodiment Coaching is specifically designed for the awakened Starseeds who are ready to tap into their full potential and build a thriving business aligned with their spiritual journey. Let us guide you to success that is out of this world.

The concept of Starseeds resonates deeply with many who feel a sense of calling to live beyond conventional norms and embrace their spiritual essence. MOSK's focus on supporting individuals in embodying New Earth principles aligns well with this journey of awakening and transformation. Envisioning and activation are powerful tools for manifesting desired realities and aligning with one's true purpose. By curating a curriculum tailored to the unique paths of Starseeds, MOSK can provide guidance, tools, and practices to assist individuals in their journey of becoming and remembering. This approach can help Starseeds cultivate a deeper connection with their spiritual essence, align with the energies of abundance and joy, and express their creative energy in meaningful ways.

Overall, MOSK's emphasis on spiritual growth, alignment with nature, and creative expression holds great potential for supporting Starseeds in living authentically and contributing to the emergence of a more harmonious and awakened world.

This is a 7 week Immersive Program with other participants! This Sacred Business Mentorship is for those ready to step fully into their Sacred Businesses/Healing Practices and would like to collapse contracts, beliefs and past life attachments to manifesting this goal within this lifetime.

Welcome to MOSK Entrepreneurship Mentorship!

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with our Interstellar Entrepreneurship Mentorship at MOSK. Our New Earth Embodiment Mentorship is designed for the Awakened Starseeds, offering guidance and support as you navigate through the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurial endeavours. Let me help you unlock your full potential and align with your Divine Embodied Purpose.


We are the returned Ancestors not only embodying New Earth frequencies, but we are the New Earth Guides and Teachers for these times of unprecedented Multidimensional Transformations and Ascended Shifts. We are the Wayshower’s, that are guiding Collective Consciousness to liberated and revolutionary new heights. What a time to be ALIVE for this radical shift in consciousness!!


I have been on this path for over 25 Years and through Initiations from my Higher Self, Teams of Light and my Well Ancestors, I have embarked on a path of full self-discover and embodiment of these sacred practices as a way of LIFE. Like most of you know, this work is not always easy as you embark and delve within your deepest fears, shadows, and trauma as you peel back the layers of former selves to stand in your power and worth. We have returned from all sectors of the Galaxy to be aligned and embodied Starseeds (Light in Motion), this means we are remembering all that we are and using those skills and innate ancient wisdom to create a new dimensional sphere of acting, being and doing from a place of pure alchemy. Many of you remember this from Atlantis and Lemuria even Ancient Kemet where living in our sacred Magic was a way of life.


What I teach within MOSK is how to live an EMBODIED Spiritual and Multidimensional life.


This means that you can have experiences in the 3D but you know how to navigate, weave, and alchemize it from a 5D and higher perspective, consciousness, and embodied state. This is what it means to be Multidimensional!


My life and all that I have encountered within my 25 year practice has made me the Guide and Teacher I am today. Over the past 20 years I have made my Spiritual Practice and DEEP connection to Spirit, my life’s work. Even when it was “unpopular” and “taboo” in the age without Social Media I stuck to Spirituality and DEEP inner wisdom that at times made no sense but I TRUSTED Spirit.  I created a way of life connected to multiple planes of consciousness to the Divine/Quantum Field of Source Creator. I created a successful Healing Practice that started within one of the biggest Universities in Canada and when I branched out on my own, my clients came with me! After years of being in practice I then created and founded the successful legacy that is MOSK. Mother Of Starkeeping is an accumulation of over 25 years of what I have learned and remembered from my DEEP and profound connection to our Divine Star Families, Well Ancestors and the Divine Mother/Father GOD connection. Within MOSK I work closely with my Students and connect to THEIR Quantum Field to SEE who they are, have been and will be. This sacred gift of Sight is why my Kin's and Students alike call me Oracle.


As I build a physical Sacred Temple for MOSK, I am being guided to open the doors of Mother Of Starkeeping and express my expertise to the Collective through a series of classes, activation's and guided meditations that was taught within the Cohorts at MOSK!

Who is Interstellar Entrepreneur Mentorship for ?


Those on the Spiritual Path are given sometimes extreme experiences to unlock their mastery and what they are here to seed and manifest in this lifetime.


Warriors of Light are here to do TREMENDOUS work to not only awaken Collective Consciousness but change a Paradigm, Dimension and a Reality that have been rooted in fear and oppression.


Earth School is a masterful paradigm that requires all hands on deck and THIS is the lifetime to come online to your POWER and Divine will; to be wayshowers that are the guides ushering into a new Era. Starseeds are here to TEACH and HEAL in whatever specialty they so choose in this lifetime. All lifetimes have been a bridge to align to your Magic in THIS lifetime, so, what are you here to do? This Mentorship will benefit those Starseeds who have been on this Spiritual Path for over 5 Years.


Those that have done/are on the path to do the deep work to heal, release Ancestral patterns and those that are embodied in 5D and Higher Consciousness. I will curate a Specific Curriculum for your unique expression in this Lifetime.  


Why are you being called?


Are you tired of living your life in loops? Doing the same things that do not bring you joy, peace, abundance? You are ready to align and root yourself in higher dimensional alignment and be the light bearer and guide in a New World? Then this is a Sacred Return and a Call.

How long is the Program?


7 Weeks/Weekly Meetups:


Weekly Zoom Calls for Activation's and during the week for Integration of Teachings. MOSKER'S can take this Mentorship if they would like to go deeper into their Sacred Work.



Week One:


Welcome back to your Ancient Medicine! Week one we give honour and gratitude to YOU! You have chosen to arrive at this moment, within this lifetime, trained and mastered at your level of expertise. The World needs your magic.


Let’s call in your Cosmic Ancestors!


These will include your Teams that are working with you, your magic/power and cosmic gifts at this time.  The Council of NINE, The Galactic Federation of Light, The Divine Mother, The "dark" Goddesses, The Dragon Tribe, The Angels of Metamorphosis, and of course your Higher Self . What are the messages for you at this time? When establishing a strong foundation, our Teams and Councils are important to garner right relation with our gifts. We will be setting the foundation for the next 7 weeks and creating our Sacred Space for manifesting, healing, and creating our desired outcome.

Week Two:


When grounding our power and magic into this lifetime the body and Nervous System must be ready to do so. When the body is not in alignment with our power and gifts it "short circuits" and brings in many symptoms of unbalance. This is a powerful week that begins Healing and working with the body, both as a group and individually.  Body Scans and Physical work with the Layers of your Auric field, "(Our auric field or aura is an extension of ourselves. In essence, it is an energetic field that surrounds our body consisting of several layers; these subtle bodies connect each into our physical body via energy centres (chakra's)"; Light Body (Merkaba) and Organs. When working on manifesting and aligning with our Soul work, we MUST work with the body first. Your body holds the secrets, wisdom and ancient knowledge of your Soul. What are the messages that you are needing to hear at this time to open the path to your mastery?

Week Three:


Body autonomy and where we hold contracts, fears, and beliefs. The body speaks of an extensive blueprint of power and that we have carried throughout lifetimes and within this session we go within to extract what is needed or not in this lifetime so you may create your aligned sacred work. This session we work one-on-one with a healing session to activate your New Earth Chakra's, DNA, Endocrine System, Spinal Fluid, Skeletal System and much more. We go through each individually and energetically as some of the Chakra's within the Starseeds have begun to spin in union (we will go deeper within our session)

Week Four:


As you sit with the previous week’s energy healing, we go deeper within how you channel energy, especially through the body and the Nervous System. If you are here, you are a channeller of Light, specifically Rainbow and Crystalline Light Codes. The way you wield light creates Worlds. How is your wielding capabilities assisting with the awakening at this time?

Week Five:


This is the week we work with your Divine Blueprint and Sacred Contract for this lifetime. We call in the big "Lions" for this one; the LYRANS, the Ancient Weavers! The Lyran's are the weavers of Dreamtime and they assist with the DNA, Cellular Regenesis, and reformation/activation of cells. How does it FEEL to be who you want to be? Which Clair do you use to navigate your reality? Also, working with using YOUR Specific Clair Power.

Week Six:


Call to Action. What/who do you need in your physical reality to ROOT your Sacred Work? We call this "Dreamscaping" or deliberate creating within all levels of consciousness. We have "helpers" in ALL realms and dimensions including all versions of self that exist within the paradigm you are calling in.  We call in who you need for assisting in building your Sacred Business. Website creator, Accountant, Assistant, MONEY etc.

Week Seven:


Closing Consults with individuals and a Closing envisioning meditation to anchor our Intentions. Week seven integrates everything we have activated within the past 7 weeks!

Upcoming Session​s

Dates: July 3, 2024 - Aug 18, 2024

Total of 20 sessions

Wednesday, Jul 3
6:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Sunday, Jul 7
5:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Wednesday, Jul 10
6:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Thursday, Jul 11
6:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Sunday, Jul 14
5:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Wednesday, Jul 17
6:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Thursday, Jul 18
6:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Sunday, Jul 21
5:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Wednesday, Jul 24
6:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Thursday, Jul 25
6:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Sunday, Jul 28
5:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Wednesday, Jul 31
6:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Thursday, Aug 1
6:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Sunday, Aug 4
5:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Wednesday, Aug 7
6:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Thursday, Aug 8
6:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Sunday, Aug 11
5:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Wednesday, Aug 14
6:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Thursday, Aug 15
6:00 PM EDT (2 hr)
Sunday, Aug 18
5:00 PM EDT (2 hr)

Cancellation Policy

Beloveds, to Cancel or Reschedule please contact me at least 24Hrs before scheduled appointment at! Thank you!

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