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Spring Equinox Ceremony Replay - Pay $88

Spring Equinox Ceremony Replay - Pay $88


The Spiral energy of Nu Creation is a new energy signature/encodement that is now being streamed onto Earth for the upgrade and metamorphosis of the Nu HUman potential. This new DNA code sequence carries the Rainbow and Crystalline encodement to upgrade the DNA into its fully functioning 12-strand DNA sequence. What this is doing to the body is profound. It is essentially making us “superhumans” who can navigate MANY different realms of Space and time which means how we create, manifest, heal, and access our DIVINITY are all changing in profound ways.


What I am hearing from Spirit is the time has come for the next layer of Upgrades to the Human Body. This will propel you into your new life, a new path, and a new energy pattern of Nu Earth. This Ceremony is for those READY for their “NU BEGINNING”.


I am guided in this Equinox Ceremony to open these codes further into your body so you may ground these new codes within your Organ, Cells, and DNA. We will clear and activate the potential of your organs to carry new codes of light. Open the higher Chakras and ground this energy in your physical body easily and effortlessly. What I see happening is many people are capping these new frequencies at the neck, causing an overdrive of the brain and Nervous System. This brings on symptoms like headaches, unbalanced equilibrium, blurry vision, dizziness, and a general feeling of overwhelm within the body. Now, these symptoms are natural and needed for our Ascension Journey, we will be receiving assistance to CARRY and embody these frequencies in a way that is helpful to our bodies.


We will be guided by The Nuburians, The Galactic Federation of Light (Siriuns, Lyrans, Arcturians, Andromedans, Antares, Akan’s, Alpha Centurians), The Council of NINE, Elohim and of Course Mother/Father GOD Creator of ALL.


I AM looking forward to being your GUIDE and Mentor for this POWERFUL Equinox Ceremony!


Welcome, to the Journey of the Spiral Light!


You will receive an email with a download button/link after payment. Click the Download button/link to download a PDF file containing ceremony preparation instructions, the replay links, the Spotify playlist, the PowerPoint Presentation, and integration instructions. The energy/transmission is evergreen and can be experienced at any time. 

Prices are in US Dollars.

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