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Spring Equinox Ceremony Replay- Pay $33 USD

Spring Equinox Ceremony Replay- Pay $33 USD




Happy New Year and Welcome to our annual Spring Equinox Ceremony!!


As we enter a new Astrological Year, we celebrate the dawn of a new Era! The Starseeds stretch and awaken to their alchemy and shapeshift into the next version of themselves, prepared to embody the Light Codes for the immense continued energy streaming down onto our planet at this time, changing the energetic grid of EVERYTHING we have once known. This is a profound time to be alive; truly. This year I sense profound support for the awakened Starseeds. We have always been supported and assisted in ALL ways; however, this cycle feels immensely different. We are ready to RECEIVE in all ways that assist us on our divine trajectory and if we are building/creating/teaching, which we are, our Divine Star Families are coming through with the support in financial, physical, and spiritually ways I have never seen and felt before. 2024 is calling on the Ascended Leaders to please STEP UP!


As we are entering a New Year and cycle, many are coming back online very slowly as we take the cloak of last year energetics off and reflect on the lessons, experiences, and downloads. It was an INTENSE cycle and I know for myself and many we are needing some support of ease, rest, and a different energetic grid for this New Year. Many will say that the Spring Equinox is when the cycle of 2024 really begins with its specific theme. This year brings the frequency of 8, which embodies Abundance, Unity Consciousness, Leadership, and Success in all forms. This year/cycle we end the struggle and align with the prosperity of Spirit and wield this in our physical realities. We, Starseeds have been through it. It has been physically, mentally, and even Spiritually rough these last few years and many are ready for a reset and loving upleveling that supports our dreams and creations. I have been working with Sacred Geometry for a few years, especially within MOSK and for this Equinox Ceremony I want to work with the Abundance codes within our DNA. What better time to accelerate our Divine Codes of Abundance?!


This goes hand in hand with the second half of this Ceremony as I call in the Dark Feminine God/Goddesses as this will be a MAJOR theme this year as well.


What is the “Dark Sacred Feminine”?


This is an innate wisdom and way of being for all of us who represent the Divine Mother. This is where we tap into our alchemy and create with the rubble of patriarchy. You can see this alchemy all around us with everything happening in our world. The rage to break old toxic, patriarchal paradigms built on oppression, greed, and the enslavement of people, resources and land. You see this awakening in the dismantling. She is the Sacred War burning everything down and returning equilibrium and equal rights to all. She is working with the babies and children to open the eyes of the collective that was once closed. It is Sacred rage and grief and through this activated heart portal we create anew built on truth, love, equality, and higher consciousness of ONENESS.



This Equinox I call in the Dark God/desses of the Divine Mother God for a transmission unlike anything I have done before. I call on her councils of, Kali, Hecate, Medusa, Mother Mary, Auset, Sekhmet, Pele, Thoth, the AKAN, and Council of NINE. I am hearing, awaken them to their Divine Birthright so they may remember the FULLNESS of their Authentic Power and Love. You are being called into sacred responsibility and duty unlike anything you have done before. Let’s bring in this new year and show the world how we have done with the Divine Mother/Feminine leading the way with the support from her Divine Masculine.


Ceremony held Sunday, March 24th at 6pm EST!

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