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Healing the Mother Wound with the Moon & Pluto  Astrology Replay - Pay $111

Healing the Mother Wound with the Moon & Pluto Astrology Replay - Pay $111


In this event, Astrologer Katie Emma opened this ceremony by taking you into the underworld realms of the Moon and Pluto in-aspect, also known as the "Hades Moon" placement.


Hades Moon in the Natal Chart:

In astrology, the Moon represents our emotional nature, and Pluto is our psyche, shadow and soul's evolution. When these two planets are drawn into a connection with each other (conjunction, square, opposition), issues of power, manipulation and control can arise and are frequently played out through the "mother wound". This aspect is often passed down through the matriarchal line of the family - though you do not have to be female to carry this karmic signature. When you have a Hades Moon in your natal chart, you become all too familiar with loss, rejection and feelings of abandonment and unworthiness due to the psychic hold this aspect can have over you, until you break free from these karmic shackles by confronting your deep-seated fears and your shadow. 


Do you also have your Moon in Scorpio or your Moon placed in the 8th house? These are also considered Hades Moon placements. 


Hades Moon in transit:

Not everyone is born with a Hades Moon - but every person will eventually experience a Hades Moon transit at some point in their life when transit Pluto is conjunct, square or opposite their natal moon. This is a 2 year transit where intense and extreme emotional changes have the power to heal and transform you by breaking generational curses and establishing a powerful psychic and intuitive connection within. Consider this transit an internal reorientation from psychological wounds and patterns inherited from the parents, allowing you to heal, transform and be reborn.


In this ceremony we:


  • Explored the relationship between the Moon and Pluto in both the natal chart and via transit
  • Understood the "devouring mother" archetype - a common manifestation of the Moon Pluto aspect and how it impacts the mother/child relationship
  • Practical tools from an astrologer to support you when you are moving through this deeply transformative cycle
  • Went on a Journey to the Past Lives that have contributed to the thread/pattern of power, control and trauma when it comes to the Mother Wound
  • Natoya used her powerful Mother Tongue(Cosmic Light Language) to go deep within the Cells and DNA to Heal and transform the templates within your body and consciousness
  • Worked with the Lyrans, Arcturians, Siriuns, Pleidians, Andromedians and our well Ancestors to collapse these patterns of Harm 


Healer and Activator Natoya guided in the second part of Ceremony! She took you on a Sacred Healing Journey with Light Activation to clear old/worn-out Cellular and DNA templates that keep us in a perpetual Mother Wound Loop. 


We are the Cycle Breakers. 


In these times of our Human Evolution, we must work with the Stars to guide our Healing Journey. Working with the Powerhouses of the Moon and Pluto when we speak of the Mother Wound is a profound shift in consciousness and how we are transmuting ourselves through issues surrounding Power, Control and Trauma. This goes Cellular and DNA Deep. We offer love and compassion for the beautiful container we have shared with our Mothers while doing the critical work to break cycles of pain and harm. We will go to the ROOT/Lifetimes of this wound to trigger the release of grids, loops and timelines that have run in your Lineage for lifetimes. As you Heal this within yourself, you free your Ancestors and the pain and harm that they have had to endure as well. 


You will receive an email with a download button/link after payment. Click the Download button/link to download a PDF file containing ceremony preparation instructions, the replay link, integration instructions, and a summary of the topics discussed.


Prices are in US Dollars.


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