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Eris: The Reckoning Astrology Ceremony - Pay $33 USD

Eris: The Reckoning Astrology Ceremony - Pay $33 USD


Join healer and activator Natoya and Astrologer Katie Emma and for another powerful Astrology Ceremony on Friday 21st June 2024 titled "Eris: The Reckoning". During this unique class we will delve into the significance of Eris in Astrology and examine the profound and revelatory impact it has on global events, activism and the collective. We'll be giving particular focus to the conjunction between Chiron and Eris which will exact in March 2025, but is already applying in 2024. 

In astrology, Eris is the archetype of discord, chaos, and disruption, and has a similar role to Pluto. Eris was discovered in 2005, and is named after the Greek goddess of strife. Eris' placement in a birth chart by house or aspect can signify areas of life where one may experience conflict, challenge, or upheaval. However, the purpose of this "chaos and discord" is to create radical and revolutionary change by not being afraid to "upset the apple cart."

Eris cycles are extremely long - 558 years to orbit the Sun and around 120+ years per sign - therefore most people alive at this time have Eris in Aries, where it will remain until 2048. For this reason Eris has a more impactful collective role and influence rather than personal unless you have specific Eris aspects in your natal chart. However, by house placement we can all understand where life is calling upon us to show up, speak out and roar. 


We are the paradigm-shifters, activists and divine disruptors.  

Eris is Dark Feminine bad-ass energy and the spirit and mythology of Eris can be likened to other powerful feminine figures such as Kali and Durga in their ability to be catalysts of change through destruction of old, outworn and limiting paradigms and perspectives. These are the spiritual gangsters of rebirth, the underworld and showing up as the wild, untamed and “dark” feminine that we have been made to believe is dangerous, harmful and that needs to be contained. We are in a time of deep spiritual reckoning and the planet Eris shows us that the spiritual is deeply political, and by understanding Eris' role in the fray it can empower us to step righteously into our rage, be heard and make a meaningful difference. Eris is here to assist the change-makers, activists, and the ones who are making physical and spiritual changes for the liberation of all. 

We are being called to harness, wield, and transform chaos into the tapestry of our highest alignment. We are experiencing the effects of the Death and Rebirth cycles, giving the old versions of ourselves the grieving and death they deserve as we transform everything we have learned over the last 20 years into mastery. These are alchemical times—deep cellular purging times. Call-to-action times. 2024 has been, and will continue to be, a cycle of profound changes as we embody higher timelines. We may have done and continue to do the work, but stepping courageously into a new frontier of consciousness is not for the meek. It is for those who have sacrificed everything that has kept them limited, oppressed, and in fear to birth a new era.

Katie will open the Eris ceremony by guiding you through the long-term cycles of Eris and the collective impact that major transits to Eris have had and continue to have in the midst of times of unrest and revolution, and how we can work consciously with the Eris archetype. Then Natoya will then guide us in the second part of the Ceremony, where she will take you on a Sacred Healing Journey with Light Activation to clear old/worn-out Cellular and DNA templates that keep us in cycles of chaos and destruction, going to the root/lifetimes of the Eris wound to release grids, loops and timelines that have run in your lineage for lifetimes. As you Heal this within yourself, you free your Ancestors and the pain and harm that they have had to endure as well. 

In this 2 hour class and ceremony, we will:

  • Learn about Eris as the "10th Planet" and the mythology of this archetype as the "Divine Disruptor"

  • Explore Eris Cycles to uncover personal and collective meaning

  • Receive practical tools from an Astrologer to support you during the upcoming Chiron/Eris conjunction in 2025

  • Go on a Journey to the Past Lives that have contributed to any threads/patterns of chaos, strife and discord in your approach to your own Aries house

  • Natoya will use her powerful Mother Tongue (cosmic light language) to go deep within the Cells and DNA to heal and transform the templates within your body and consciousness

  • Work with the Lyrans, Arcturians, Siriuns, Pleidians, Andromedans and our well Ancestors to collapse these patterns of Harm

What makes our Astrology Ceremonies special is that they offer an opportunity to not only learn astrology, but it integrate and embody the deeper evolutionary lesson of the planetary archetype and your personal relationship to it through sacred ceremony and ritual.

We can't wait to connect with you on Summer Solstice in this sacred space Natoya and I have curated to journey with Eris, the Divine Disruptor!


You will receive an email with a download button/link after payment. Click the Download button/link to download a PDF file containing a description of the event and the Zoom link. A recording of the event will be available within 48 hours of the live event. The energy/transmission is evergreen and can be experienced at any time. 

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