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The Return of the Dragon Codes Ceremony Replay - Pay$33 USD

The Return of the Dragon Codes Ceremony Replay - Pay$33 USD


Divine Starseed,


They’re coming in HOT!


Starseeds have always worked with the Divine Dragons of Mama Sophia. This is magic that goes beyond time. Just as they are many different Galaxies, Dragons have existed within our Multiverse for eons. In many ancient cultures, dragons were even the seraphim’s serpent that stood next to GOD and assisted those traversing within different realms and dimensions. Fierce protectors and guides. Death workers have worked with dragons to bring the spirit of the newly deceased persons spirit into different realms. They are beautiful protectors of those traversing the Astral Plane, upon Death and Rebirth. When I was introduced to my Dragon Teams of Light they guided and taught me how to navigate all the realms in which I would be teaching and traversing within my Mystery School. They made sure I understood how to JUMP dimensions while still in my body; this has been a sacred practice I’ve been sharing but now I am being asked to go a bit deeper within this Ceremony.


Those of us tapped into multidimensional embodiment know that the dragons have been fierce protectors and guides since Lemuria, Ancient Kemet, The dragons of Alcyone and so many more… there’s a deep purpose for the “attention” on these mystical creatures this year, I’m not going to say the return because, well, they’ve always been here.


The Dragons are bringing in a completely new frequency of consciousness.


Some Divine Guides bringing in this energy this year that may be calling to you or visiting you in Dreamtime are: Hecate, Pele, Kali, Auset, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene, (shocked?!) Andromedans, Lyrans, and Siriuns(working with Sun and DNA).


Sending you all so much love!


Join me this Sunday as we jump off Ceremonial Season! We call in the Dragon Clan TO BURN IT ALL DOWN.


Within this 2-hour ceremony we will begin with guided messages from Mama Sophia’s Sacred Dragon, Hecate, Kali, Mother Mary, Auset and from the Council of NINE joining them the AKAN Council!


The second half of ceremony, you know we go deep within the healing activation. I am being called to work with the DNA and Cellular Metamorphosis, awakening the body to work and ground these Dragon Codes.

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