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MOSK Scholarship






I am in such GRATITUDE and AWE of MOSK and the profound love and support I have received in anchoring this Galactic Mystery School here on Mama Tara. This has been a journey of many lifetimes and many Earth years to get here, and it is profound in its frequency.


One of my intentions with MOSK is to decolonize knowledge, education and discontinue the patriarchal thread of what “school” means. I have worked in an institution for many years, and I have never liked or respected the greed and power structure; this is not and will never be the intention of MOSK. I always ask that those wanting to join MOSK, align their frequency and intend their purpose to Source Creator with the “why”, this is not for me to know! I will then align with the message received to help and assist in any way that I can. 


I have created a Scholarship Stargate for this reason. If you have extra abundance to share especially to those that are BIPOC, Trans, Non-Binary and QPOC this scholarship is asking for your assistance. 


MOSK was created to Activate the Starseeds of Earth into their full power and embodiment and in this time of Herstory, as the grids and threads of Earth are being balanced, our Kin who are BIPOC, Trans, QPOC, and Non-Binary, need assistance to access courses not usually accessible, until now. We are ALL Starseeds. As the systems that were intended to divide crumble and dismantle, I am sincerely asking that for those of you in a state of privilege and benefiting within the portal of Patriarchy and White Supremacy consider assisting as we balance the scales for all Starseeds to live in a Sovereign Planet. I sincerely Thank you. 


So much Love Starseeds


Beloveds, to apply, connect to your Higher Self and come from that place of infinite wisdom! All is needed is a brief paragraph for why Mother Of StarKeeping Mystery School is calling you. Why do you feel the "pull" and how will being your embodied self assist with New Earth. Don't be alarmed if our Spirit meets in the Astral to connect with Divine Messages of why this Stargate is meant for you!

So Much Love Starseeds

Thanks for submitting!

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