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Lion's Moon Ceremony Replay - Pay$33 USD

Lion's Moon Ceremony Replay - Pay$33 USD


This ceremony will activate:

◦ Soft and easeful energy 
◦ A way of breathing into the cells/ regenerate 
◦ Sacred codes to assist the earth body

As Mama Tiamat and the Sirius Star System of Divine Alchemy align with the pyramid of Ancient Kemet to form a Sacred geometric pattern that activates the body’s unique Merkaba pattern, we know we are in the portal of the LIONS GATE! 

The LionsGate portal is a deep initiation (if you choose) to download incredible light codes within the mitochondria of the cells for radical shifts and upgrades in your body and your life. 

Within this LionsGate Ceremony we not only work with our Cosmic Ancestors but we join the force of the night to bring you a SOFT and EASEFUL integration of these sacred alchemical codes of divine light. 

“All portals in actuality are open now,” says the Siriun Council. We use divine alignments within your solar system to “switch on codes” you were created with by the Divine Source Creator. This is not new. This is the time that YOU have written. So we assist by priming the body for Divine change and transformation that YOU are ready to embody. It is written and so it is done. 

One of the main messages that I have been receiving from the Councils of Light is our need to take it easy within these highly activated times. Slower breath, intentional mindfulness, embodied presence, slow steps/movements and a new way of breathing light into our bodies for optimal balance and health. 

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